Authors I've never…

April makes all things new, that’s why it’s the perfect month to start with my brand new “I’ve never” Reading Challenge. The first theme will be “authors” and it will go on during the month of May as well.

I will be dealing with authors that I have never heard of (shame on me), authors whose books I have never read or I have read only once, authors whose books I have never managed to finish, authors that are characters of their own book and authors that have published their first book in May 2020.

I often find that I am buying and reading books that are pretty similar to each other: same genre, same author (I love series), same setting, I guess I am not the only one, am I?

It also happened quite often to enjoy a novel that had been given to me even if I would have never chosen it for myself. Also how many times have I loved a book that I had already tried to read with no success?

So why not, let’s give it a try, and, if the books I have chosen are definitely not meant for me, I will simply pick new ones… I am a big fan of Daniel Pennac and the Rights of the Reader 📚 📚

Here the list of the books I am going to read in the next months:

  • Author I know but never read: Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic
  • Author I have never heard of: Ruth Hogan, The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes
  • Author I read once, but never again: Julie Wassmer, Murder-on-Sea
  • Authors whose books I have never finished: 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Authors that are characters of their own book: The Sentence is Death by Anthony Horowitz
  • Authors that have published their first book in May 2020: The Paris Hours by Alex George

Do you have any other suggestion?

2 thoughts on “Authors I've never…”

  1. I love all of Terry Pratchett but tbh Color of Magic isn’t his best. Its worth a read, but do it once you are “into him” as its earlier in his career he only gets better and you might miss out by CoM not blowing you away.
    Personally I would start with either Mort or Guards! Guards! and go from there!


    1. Thank you! I’ve already saved them on my Want to Read list, I can’t wait to start… when a friend started talking to me about these books I couldn’t believe I have never read them!


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