The 2020 "I've never" Reading Challenge

I know, Reading Challenges are supposed to begin in January, with New year’s Resolution. Why in April, then?

Well, the reasons why I have decided to start now are two. First of all, given the really bad situation we are leaving right now, I had more time than usual to think about a lot of things. Books are always a big part of me and my life, especially now, because they are the only way to escape from my living room.
According to a quiz I have taken recently, I am an escapist: I read to travel somewhere far away either in space or time, without moving from the sofa or my favourite seat on the train. This must also be the reason why I particularly love fantasy books set in crazy and imaginary words… Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland, Neverland, Fantasia… if I could go there I would, but for now, the only way for me is to read…

Back to the Reading Challenge, the second reason I’ve decided to go for it, is the podcast What should I read next. I have started to listen to it in a very naïve way and, a couple of new books later and after at least fifteen new titles added to my “To buy list” I have decided that maybe, this time, I needed to be more organized and less spontaneous.

The following step was to decide the theme of my Reading Challenge and that’s when I realized that, listening to the podcast, I kept thinking “I have never heard of this author” or “I have always wanted to read this book, but I have never done it”.
Also, I often find that I am buying and reading books that are pretty similar to each other: same genre, same author (I love series), same setting, I guess I am not the only one, am I?
So there it was: my brand new “I have never” Reading Challenge.

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