🌠 The Malt in Our Stars by Sarah Fox⁠

🔏 Sadie, the owner of The Inkwell, a literary-themed pub in Shady Creek, Vermont, is delighted to have booked the famous novelist Linnea Bliss for an event at her pub. Things start to go wrong after Sadie discovers the body of Marcie, Linnea’s assistant, dead in front of the hotel they are staying at: the Shady Creek Manor, once a private mansion that still holds hidden treasures.⁠

♥️ I liked:⁠
🍺 The literary pub. I loved it and wished it was real. All the drinks and the dishes sounded amazing and I was so glad about the recipes at the end of the book! I may try one of them very soon!⁠
👩 Sadie. She is a great character, definitely nosy, she knows that she shouldn’t be investigating murders, but not even the police can stop her very inquisitive nature. Also, it is lovely to see how she cares about hosting both Book and Writing Clubs at her pub. ⁠
🏘️ Shady Creek. A lovely town in Vermont where I wouldn’t mind spending my Autumn holidays. It’s got everything: a literary pub, a brewery, an old mansion that is likely hiding an incredible treasure, little cosy shops… What’s not to like?⁠
🔍 The murder mystery itself. It is very well-plotted, interesting and the culprit is not one you would think about. ⁠

🤔 I wasn’t so sure about:⁠
The double mystery. I didn’t understand why the author introduced the story of the vandalism at the TV crew, I’m not sure it brought anything to the mystery.⁠

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Third book of the series and my first read. I enjoyed it and already got the first two. 

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