📖 Publishable By Death by A.C.F. Bookens

📚 Harvey has just moved to the town of St Martin with her best friend Mart to open her own bookstore. On opening day, though, she finds a body in the storeroom: a journalist with a sharp tongue has been murdered and Harvey has to find out who did it!

♥️ I liked:
❤️ “I just want to read books that capture my attention, let me feel like I’m among friends, and give me a chuckle at the sleuth’s complete inability to walk away.” I finally found the perfect explanation of why I love so much cosy mysteries. It has been hiding between the pages of this book for all this time!
👩 Harvey. Just the fact that she named her cat Aslan and her dog Mayhem made me love her. I also appreciated how involved she is with the people of St Marin. She has just moved to the town, but she is always more than happy to help. No wonder she makes friends so easily!
🏡 The town and the bookshop. St Marin sounds like a lovely place to live (if you exclude the murders), and the bookshop that Harvey set up in an old gas station sounds even better!
🔍 The whodunit. It was much more serious and deeper than I anticipated. Let’s say that I may have spotted the culprit at a certain point, but I was not expecting the motive at all.
📗 The Green Book. In the past Harvey’s bookstore, used to be in The Negro Motorist Green Book: a mid-20th century guidebook for African-American travellers. This book suggested them where it was safe to stay. I have to admit my ignorance: I didn’t know anything about it and I am really grateful to the author for it.
📑 The list at the end of the book. When I read books about books, I am always looking for new titles to add to my TBR, but it’s difficult to remember all of them. The author here had a really clever idea: she listed them all at the end of the book!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 I love a good cosy mystery and this one was not predictable at all! I couldn’t put it down, the characters were so real and their descriptions well written… What else can you want?

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