⁠🖤 The Girl with the Whispering Shadow by D.E. Night⁠

👑 In the first book of the series, The Crowns of Croswald, we discover that Ivy is part of the Queenly bloodline. To keep her safe and far from the Dark Queen, in the second book, Ivy is sent to the secret town of Belzebuthe and has been told not to go back to school for her own safety. Suddenly, though, she receives a message that allows her back. She can’t be happier, but is it really safe? And will she find the second piece of the Kindred Stone?⁠

♥️ I liked
📚 Belzebuthe. This amazing town, secret and known only to those with magical blood, sounds incredible and is described in every single detail. I wouldn’t mind going there just for a bit of shopping at “Quintons Brews and Hodgepodge” or at the bookshop. ⁠
⭐ Star fishing. One of Fynn’s hobbies in Belzebuthe: fishing for stars that grant people’s wishes. It just sounds so magical that I decided I have to try it as well!
⚗️ Hodge and Podge. The dwarves that run the potion shop where Ivy works in Belzebuthe are my new favourite characters! Their magical battle was probably one of the funniest scenes of all book. ⁠
👨 Ivy, Fynn and Rebecca. You can see the characters are growing up in this second book. They are still teenagers, of course, but it’s good to witness how they change, becoming more mature and even more attached to each other. I especially appreciated Fynn in this second book, the character that I liked the least in the first one.⁠
🪄 Quogo. It’s a magical game, where scrivenists duel with quills left behind by their owners. The game was super interesting, but sometimes I felt like there were too many details in those scenes. I also loved the fact that this game actually plays a role in the development of the plot.⁠

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Once again, I have to thank @netgalley and @danielastoriesuntoldpress for letting me dive in this amazing magical world. I loved this book as much as I loved the first one and I can’t wait to read the third. If you love fantasy, you have to give it a try!⁠⁠

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