☕The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises by Kellie Hailes

🐇 Mel has just moved to Rabbit’s Leap in Devon to open her own coffee shop when her mother phones to say she’s coming for a visit. Mel, already knowing that her Mum will do anything to set her up with any man she finds, decides she needs a fiancé. Tony, on the other hand, the owner of The Bullion, needs someone to teach him how to cook to save his pub. That’s why they decide to make a deal: Mel will ensure Tony has the best pub menu in the area and he’ll be her pretend fiancé.

♥️ I liked:
🏘️ The setting. Being a big fan of books set in cosy little villages, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Rabbit’s Leap. It sounds like an incredible place to live, with its homey and friendly atmosphere.
🍰 Its cosiness. This book is sweet and cosy, it’s the equivalent of a fluffy sweater, a warm blanket or a hot steaming cup of tea with a piece of your favourite cake. You pick it up and already know that it will make you feel good, warm and happy.
👩 Mel. She is a strong woman that hides behind an emotional armour she has been building for a long time. You may think she is afraid of her feeling for Tony because of her previous experiences with men – which is partially true – but there is more to it.
🍔 The food. Every single dish mentioned made my mouth water. This could mean that either I can only think about food (definitely yes) or that everything sounded delicious (yes, again).

🤔 I wasn’t so sure about:⁠
The characters. I wasn’t expecting anything complicated, and I knew that the book would have been easy and pleasant to read. Anyway, I found the characters (all of them) a bit too oversimplified.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 As I already said, this book is exactly what it looks like: an easy-to-read romance. I started it one afternoon because I was feeling sick and wanted a little pick-me-up with no surprises. I was looking for the perfect happy ending, and I found it.

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