👸 Mirror on the Wall by K.M. Goldstar

“When tales of old are recited to children around warm⁠ fireplaces, bellies filled with hot food and eyes filled with⁠ dreams, the tales are tamed, harmless dwarves replacing⁠ vicious men and vengeful women.”⁠

🍎 This is an enchanting retelling of one of the most beautiful fairy-tales ever: Snow White. The characters are the usual ones – the beautiful princess, the evil step-mother – but the story is told more maturely. Because in the world there is not just good and evil.

♥️ I liked:⁠
✍️ How it’s written. This fairy-tale is told in an elegant and refined way. It transported me back in time, in a world made of royal families, battles, curtsies and minstrels.
👁️ The point of view. The story is told by both Weiss and Malaca. It’s a great way to know better the main characters. You really feel an instant connection with the two of them.
👑 The characters. This is probably the biggest difference from the classic fairy-tale. In Mirror on the Wall, the characters are very complex. The beautiful princess doesn’t sit there waiting for the prince to save her. The evil-step mother became evil after experiencing traumas and loss. Nothing is as simple as it seems.
🖌️ The illustrations. If the story is incredible, the illustrations are no less. Each chapter is introduced by a stunning drawing by @maidenmoose. All of them look amazing on my Kindle… I can’t wait to see them on the paperback!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5⁠ A mirror on the wall is a heart-warming tale that made me think of a campfire and a family gathered around it, listening to Nana reading aloud. If you love fairy-tales, you can’t miss it!

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