🎄 Christmas in Evergreen by Nancy Naigle⁠

✍️ Katie, an author struggling to write her second novel, heads to Evergreen, for a holiday retreat. Her holiday, though, soon turns in an assignment to write an article about the town. On the train, she meets Ben, a former big-city reporter who’s now a librarian in Evergreen. ⁠

♥️ I liked:⁠
✍️ The writing background of the characters. As I often say, I love books that feature librarians, bookshop owners, writers or journalists, because I really enjoy both reading and writing. I like being part of any writer’s creative process and I love to see their curiosity pushing them to find new stories. In this case, Katie is a writer/journalist and Ben is a journalist/librarian… what else could people ask for? ⁠
❄️ The atmosphere. The lovely small town romance atmosphere makes this book as sweet as a Christmas cookie. The perfect way to enter in the season’s spirit. ⁠
☃️ The snow globe that makes wishes come true. I totally believe that wishes can come true, especially at Christmas. I loved the idea of the magic snow globe that can grant wishes, and almost got heartbroken when it fell into pieces on the floor of Chris Kringle Kitchen coffee shop.⁠
🎅The quest for the Christmas Time Capsule. It gives the book a purpose. The novel is not just about the love story between the two main characters, but also about the history of the town and its people.⁠

⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5⁠ A feel-good Christmas romance that will make your eyes sparkle of joy. ⁠

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