🦌 Mistletoe and Mr Right by Sarah Morgenthaler

🎄 Welcome back to Moose Springs, Alaska. Christmas is coming, Zoey and Graham are happier than ever and Lana is completely focused on her work, fighting to make her dream come true. She hasn’t managed to win any of the locals over yet… or has she?⁠

♥️ I liked:⁠
🦌 The Santa Moose. A moose that has watched The Grinch one too many times… the animal doesn’t like Christmas and expresses it, destroying all the decorations she can put her antlers on. Will Lana and Zoey manage to stop the moose? ⁠
👠 Lana. I didn’t like her in the first book of the series. But in the sequel, I just loved how well the author developed the character. She appears to be strong, fearless, perfect… but she is not, she is just trying to hide her weaknesses to live up to her family business reputation. She cares about people, and she tries to hide how much she is hurt by the locals not liking her. Her relationship with her family is really complicated: they love each other, no doubt, but they need to show this affection to one another more often. ⁠
🎱 Rick. I definitely prefer Rick to Graham. He is shy, doesn’t talk much, took Diego with him when the kid’s family died in a car-crush. He thinks Lana deserves better than him but struggles to let her go. ⁠
😁😳It’s funny and serious at the same time. As in The tourist trap, the author made a fantastic job in making this book really funny. From Lana tranquillizing Rick while chasing the Santa Moose, to making him wear a Santa costume for her party. What I really appreciated as well, are the more serious moments, that I won’t mention, to avoid spoilers.⁠

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5⁠ If I loved The tourist trap, I absolutely adored Mistletoe and Mr Right. I just can’t wait to read the third book of the series!⁠

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