📘 On Borrowed Crime by Kate Young⁠

⁠🔍 Lyla Moody has two passions in her life: her job as a receptionist to her uncle’s PI business and the Jane Doe Book Club. Her life in Sweet Mountains, Georgia, is turned upside down when she finds a suitcase on her front porch with the dead body of Carol, a friend and fellow club member, inside. She decides to find out who the killer is, and attracts the attention of the murderer.⁠ ⁠

♥️ I liked:⁠

👩 Lyla. She is a smart and sassy woman raised to have good southern manners. Her mother does not approve of her choice to work with her uncle and she definitely doesn’t approve of the subject matter of the Jane Doe Book Club. But Lyla doesn’t care. She is who she is and is not afraid of showing it.⁠

😱 It’s not your usual cosy mystery. The way the body was found, the messages left to Lyla, the riddle “One little Jane Doe” deliberately taken from And then there was none… All these elements made the book quite creepy. ⁠

❓ The whodunit. I sort of guessed who was involved in the murders (Carol’s and the Jane Doe one) before the end of the book. And I found it really clever and interesting.⁠ ⁠

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5⁠ An entertaining book, not your usual cosy mystery, as I’ve already mentioned. The funny thing is that I listened to the audiobook while running in the morning. When the body was discovered in the book, I noticed an abandoned suitcase by the sea, with a white plastic bag inside. So creepy!⁠

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