🌺 Teresa Papavero e la maledizione di Strangolagalli by Chiara Moscardelli

👩 Teresa has a degree in Psychology and a demanding father. After losing her job, she decides to return to Strangolagalli and open a B&B with a childhood friend. When a man flies out of the window, just during a date with Teresa, the woman decides to use her natural talent as a profiler and investigate the suspicious death. Will there be a connection with the woman that has gone missing from her B&B?

❤️ I liked:
✍️ The style. The book is smooth and very quick to read. The story is dynamic and developed on different levels… It’s a book to read all in one go.
👩 Teresa. A one-of-a-kind character of her: graduated in Psychology with the hope of impressing her father, instead of making the most of her incredible abilities, she worked in a sex shop in Rome before returning to Strangolagalli to open a B&B. Teresa is a force of nature, full of life and doesn’t take no for an answer. The tragedy of Paolo’s alleged suicide and the disappearance of her B&B guest allows her to brush up on her profiler skills.
🤣 It’s fun! Teresa, the paradoxical events in the village, the conversations with Maresciallo Lamonica… this book really made me smile!

I wasn’t so sure about:⁠
👮‍♂️ Some characters are a bit over the top. Leonardo, the macho cop, Irma, the spoiled daughter of the mayor, Corrado, Teresa’s ex… they are all a bit stereotyped and underdeveloped. Teresa herself sometimes can result in a bit of a cliché.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 A funny book, full of energy, that puts a smile on your face thanks to mysteries to be solved, a slightly crazy protagonist and hilarious conversations.

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