🌊 Coffin Cove

✍️ After getting fired and being dumped by her married co-worker, Andi Silvers has to find a new job. She accepts to be a reporter in Coffin Cove for the small-town Gazette. She knows she has to stop moping and drinking if she wants her life back. Andi gets her chance when two sea lions turn up on the shore, shot to death. Local fishermen are blamed till a body turns up as well.

❀️ I liked:
🏚️ The setting. I loved the fishing village of Coffin Cove. It was not described as an idyllic place, but I felt a great connection anyway, probably because one of my favourite places here in Ireland is the fisherman village beside mine.
✍️ Andi is a journalist. I love reading books where the main character is a journalist trying to find the truth. Again, I felt a strong connection because I have always loved investigative journalism.
πŸ‘¨πŸ‘© Plot and characters. The story is well-thought-out, and the characters are very well developed. What can connect the shooting of two sea lions and the death of a young girl many years before?

πŸ€” I wasn’t so sure about:
πŸ’Œ The beginning. In the first pages, the author gives a detailed backstory of each character that is introduced. I struggled a bit to understand who was going to be the main focus of the story.
πŸ˜… Too many details. The plot is very meticulous, with many tiny details that can, unfortunately, be easily forgotten.

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 An entertaining mystery, with an interesting set of characters and a very original whodunit.

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