📚 The Village Green Bookshop by Rachael Lucas

👩 Frustrated that she spends all her time as either a mum to a football-obsessed teenager or a wife to a workaholic husband, Hannah wants something for herself. When the chance comes to take over the Post Office in a charming Cotswold village and repurpose a part of it into a bookshop, Hannah grabs it with both hands.

❤️ I liked:⁠
🌄 The setting. The book is set in the same village as The Telephone Box Library, and it features some of the same much-loved characters (Bounty, Freya, Sam, Lucy…).
🤩 It’s a feel-good read. A tiny shop in a gorgeous village in the Cotswolds, full of welcoming people. A woman looking for happiness and a handsome footballer… The perfect ingredients for a light and big-hearted summer read.
🔝 It’s a book of new beginnings. A great reminder that everybody can find happiness. They only have to push the boundaries and get out of their comfort zone a bit.

🤔 I wasn’t so sure about:
It’s a bit flat and predictable if compared to the previous book. The Telephone Box Library was a comfort read, yes, but also a book about war and history. This felt more focused on the romance than on anything else.

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 The Village Green Bookshop is an uplifting and entertaining read with an incredible set of characters⁠.⁠ Thanks to #netgalley and @panmacmillan for the ARC.⁠

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