🛥️ All At Sea by Liz Hedgecock

👩 In this first book, we follow Maisie Frobisher on a cruise to India in search of adventure. When first jewellery and then important documents go missing, Maisie suspects a fellow guest, who turns out to be a police inspector. Then a crime of an entirely different kind happens, and Maisie has to work with the inspector to solve it.⁠
❤️ I liked:⁠
👩 Maisie. She probably seems a bit superficial but, even if it’s 1893 and she’s a Lady, she turns out to be adventurous, observant and intuitive. That’s why she’s fundamental to the inspector and the investigation. I was also impressed by how she steps out of her comfort zone by boarding the ship.⁠
🛳️ The setting. I loved both the period in which the story takes place and the environment. And the descriptions are really curated and realistic.⁠
✍️ The writing. The book is smooth and flows so easily! I read it in two days, and I’ve already finished the second of the series as well.⁠
🤔 I wasn’t so sure about:⁠
The whodunit. It wasn’t difficult to guess the culprit… but maybe it’s because I am reading too many mysteries these days!⁠
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 An entertaining book, perfect after Ariadne and Bright Lights, Big City… like a breath of fresh air.⁠

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