The Archivist by Rex Pickett⁠ ⁠⁠- Book Review


Romance / Mystery

The Plot

⁠Emily Snow is an archivist and has been transferred from Texas to California to archive the works of Author Raymond West. She discovers quickly that her predecessor, Nadia Fontaine, had an affair with Raymond West. They also wrote a book together: The Archivist. Can this be the reason why Nadia Fontaine drowned in a very suspicious surfing accident? ⁠

❤️ What I liked about The Archivist by Rex Pickett⁠

👩 Emily. She was a really interesting character with a bit of an academic ego, and she knew how to stand up for herself. Because of her Misophonia (sensitivity to certain sounds), she was probably underestimated by the other characters.

🔍 The mystery. The character of Nadia, her relationship with the writer and her mysterious death was intriguing. I found this book an engaging twist on the murder mystery genre.⁠

I wasn’t so sure about

📚 It’s long and slow. This book is 700 pages, and some chapters are a bit dragged out. Also, the descriptions were full – and I mean very full – of details, and some of the vocabulary was a bit awkward. I have to admit I went quite fast through some of the chapters. ⁠

To the score

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 The plot is interesting, the characters definitely different. Don’t pick it up if you are looking for a relaxing and easy-to-read book because it’s not! Thanks to NetGalley for the copy.⁠

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