Nemesis by Agatha Christie⁠ – Book Review



The Plot

⁠It’s a morning like any other in St Mary Mead, and Miss Marple is reading the paper when she discovers that Jason Rafiel, a millionaire whom she had met on holiday in the Caribbean, has just died. Imagine her surprise when Mr Rafiel’s lawyers reach out to inform her that the deceased wanted her to look into an unspecified crime. If she succeeds, she will inherit £20,000. The only problem is that Mr Rafiel has left her very few clues. Will Miss Marple manage to solve yet another crime?

❤️ What I liked about Nemesis by Agatha Christie

🕵️ The reader (and Miss Marple) has no idea of the crime. In this book, not only Miss Marple has to look for a murderer, but she also has to understand which crime the late Mr Rafiel wants her to solve. It’s a really interesting idea, and it makes the book very different.⁠

👵 Miss Marple. It’s not a secret that I prefer Miss Marple to Poirot. Miss Marple is one of a kind, she seems harmless and cute, but she is as sharp as a needle, even if, in this book, we can feel more than ever her age.⁠

🔍 The mystery and the whodunit. When, finally, Miss Marple understands which crime she has to solve, this story is clever and full of surprises as usual. This time, though, I understood who the culprit was quite soon. I didn’t get all the details, but the main ones I did. ⁠

💀 The references to Shakespeare. The Bradbury-Scott’s sisters are described like Macbeth’s Three Sisters. Verity and Mr Rafiel’s son are described as Romeo and Juliet. ⁠

I wasn’t so sure about

It’s a bit slow. I found the beginning a bit too slow for my liking, but the pace changes completely when Miss Marple goes on the tour.⁠

To the score

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Agatha doesn’t disappoint. This was one of the few books by the Queen of Crime I hadn’t read, and I am glad I finally read it!⁠

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