Chemistry by ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Weike Wang ⁠⁠- Book Review



The Plot

The unnamed narrator of the story is a PhD student in chemistry at a university in Boston. She hasn’t completed her dissertation yet, and she is struggling, much to the frustration of her Chinese parents: if she doesn’t get her PhD, she’s no longer their daughter. Also, Her longtime boyfriend Eric has proposed marriage, but she is not sure whether to accept the proposal or not. When the pressure is too much, she decides to change everything. ⁠⁠

❤️ What I liked about Chemistry by ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Weike Wang

👩 I could relate to the character a lot. I mean, we all went through a lot in our lives, haven’t we? And finding a character you can relate to makes reading much more enjoyable… painful, sometimes, but also enjoyable.⁠

😂 The jokes. The main character is funny, so funny, even if her life is a bit all over the place. Here is an example: ⁠ “A joke: What do you do with a sick chemist?⁠ Helium. Or curium. Or barium.” It took half an hour to understand the joke (I had to read it aloud) but when I got it, I laughed for another hour!⁠

🥠 Chinese heritage. I loved all the mentions of Chines traditions and legends. I also understand the relationship between the narrator and her parents: they want so much from her, but they love her and want what they think it’s best for her. ⁠

I wasn’t sure about:⁠

The style. It’s a sort of stream of consciousness there are no names – except for Eric – the author only uses the present form… I confess it annoyed me so much! I get why the author did it, but I think it’s not for me!⁠

To the score

⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5 Chemistry is a quirky book, it’s a journey, it’s a woman looking for answers… Also, you don’t have to like Chemistry to read it, I promise!⁠

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