The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠- Book Review



The Plot

Liesl Weiss works in the rare books department of a large university. When her boss has a stroke, and she’s left to run things, she discovers that the library’s most prized manuscript is missing. She tries to inform the police but is told to keep quiet and not upset the donors. But then a librarian goes missing as well. Liesl must investigate both disappearances.⁠ ⁠

❤️ What I liked about The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk⁠

📚 Rare books and special collections. I loved the setting of this book. And I kept thinking, “I wish I was working with Liesl, studying and protecting pages that shaped our history and gave life to the world as we know it”. ⁠

🔚 The story, I really wanted to finish the book, to know who the culprit was. It’s quite an engaging mystery.⁠

I wasn’t sure about:⁠

👩 Liesl. I can’t say I liked the main character. She never really stood up for herself or for what she believed was right. ⁠

✍️ The style. The pace of this book was so slow! And probably the dual timeline didn’t help at all to speed things up.⁠

👨👩The characters. Not only I could not relate to the main character, but I didn’t even like any of the others.

To the score

⭐⭐ 2/5 The premise was interesting, and the mystery was good, but I didn’t like the writing at all: too slow and a bit too depressing for my liking. Thanks to #netgalley for the preview.⁠

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