Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie⁠⁠ – Book Review



The Plot

⁠Hercule Poirot is travelling back to England on the midday flight from Paris, together with other ten passengers. As the plane is close to landing, a wasp is spotted flying around the rear compartment before a steward finds that Madame Giselle, one of the passengers, was dead. Even if Poirot has slept through most of the flight, he dismisses the belief she died from a wasp sting, especially after finding a dart on the floor, which is found to have a poisoned tip.

❤️ What I liked about Death in the clouds by Agatha Christie⁠

✈️ Death on a plane. This is essentially a locked room mystery, only the room is a plane! We know Agatha Christie likes presenting crimes in a confined space – trains, boats, private islands – but she does it in such ingenious ways that one can never get bored of it!

🔎 The culprit. As usual, any of the passengers and stewards could be suspected, especially the writer of detective stories. At a certain point, I started suspecting also the characters that were not even on the plane… with Agatha Christie you never know! To be honest I was kind of hoping for a different murderer!

🎧 Hugh Fraser. I listened to the audiobook and I promise that Hugh Fraser’s narration makes an already amazing story, even better!

I wasn’t so sure about

Poisoned darts and blowing gun on a plane. The murder weapon is incredibly unusual, especially for a murder on a plane. And I guess I felt the way it had been used was even more unrealistic.

To the score

⭐⭐⭐️⭐4/5 I read this book for the February #readchristie2022 challenge. It was a re-read but I honestly couldn’t either remember or guess the culprit! Once more, well done to the Queen of Crime!

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