Hello, nice to meet you all, let me introduce myself: I am Ilaria

I come from Verona, in Italy, and I moved to Dublin three years ago. My plan was not to stay too long in Ireland, but, what can I say… I fell in love with the Emerald island and I am still here.
Ireland is not my only passion, of course… I love writing – even if in Italian it is easier – and reading. I have never been part of a reading challenge because I have always felt it too restrictive: I don’t like to plan what to read, I am more a spontaneous reader, but this time I thought why not?
The reasons why I have decided to start now are two: first of all, this really bad period that we are leaving made me want to escape into my books even more. I know it’s a bit coward, but when things get tough, I start reading. The second reason is the podcast What should I read next. I have started to listen to it in a very naïve way and, a couple of new books later and after at least fifteen new titles added to my “To buy list” I have decided that maybe, this time, I needed to be more organized and less spontaneous.

The following step was to decide the theme of my Reading Challenge and that’s when I realized that, listening to the podcast, I kept thinking “I have never heard of this author” or “I have always wanted to read this book, but I have never done it”. There it was: my brand new “I have never” Reading Challenge.