🤐 The secrets we kept by Lara Prescott⁠

✍️ Two stories flow parallel in this book. "East", depicting the relationship of Boris Pasternak and his great love, muse and emissary, Olga Ivinskaya, the model for Lara in Zhivago. And "West", telling the story of Irina and Sally, two secretaries pulled out of the typing pool at the CIA to smuggle Doctor Zhivago out… Continue reading 🤐 The secrets we kept by Lara Prescott⁠

Where the Crawdads Sing

Genre: Mystery Fiction - BildungsromanAuthor: Delia Owens Quick Look It’s like reading poetry: a rhythmical lullaby that makes the reader think he is on a boat moved by a gentle tide. The end will make you wonder: is it an happy ending or not? Score: 4/5 Good to know Synopsis Kya is just a girl… Continue reading Where the Crawdads Sing