A Gondola as a bookshelf… why not?

Who doesn’t love Venice? It is said to be as romantic as Paris, and, if you think about it, is there anything better than a stroll along the canals in a gondola, with the gondoliere humming “O sole mio…”. Well, if you ask me, there is something else that any book lover should do in… Continue reading A Gondola as a bookshelf… why not?

Once upon a time, there was Hay on Wye, the City of Books

Here is the tip for those of you whose Zodiac Sign, like mine, is Bibliophile with ascendant Traveler… your next trip, whenever will be, should be to Hay on Wye, the amazing Town of Books that, every year, organizes an even more amazing Book Festival. It was with tears in my eyes that, a couple… Continue reading Once upon a time, there was Hay on Wye, the City of Books

The Secret World of Bookstores

When I travel, while my boyfriend picks our itinerary, the first thing I do is to open Google and type the magical words “best bookshop in...”. If this was not enough, on Google Maps I have a “Bookshops” list and, wherever I go, I always buy a book written by a local author. I guess… Continue reading The Secret World of Bookstores